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2018.04.06 : daily climbing training log

A comedy of errors:

Today I just just forgot to start the program that monitors my heartrate. I didn’t realize it until well into the session - as the data shows. so naturally, my heartrate really spiked in this session. I also forgot to start my serial traffic analyzer, and got a com loss. so overall, a pretty messy messy session in which I felt like I was running all over the place.

but I did finish.

for a brief period, I was climbing at 22 feet per minute. and it was really, really fun. that’s about the speed that climbing on the treadwall stops feeling like a stop and start affair and starts feeling fluid.

that feeling of fluid climbing (at an aerobic heartrate) is eventually my goal.

I totally failed at my goal of zero foot slips. try again tomorrow.

I’ve had some consecutive days on now, and one thing I want to point out is changes in my fingertips. the first few days, they were ground down and raw. they seem to be growing back tougher. seems obvious, but worth mentioning.

total elevation climbed was: 286. which makes sense since my heartrate got high

heartrate graph speed and incline graph

data log file

since I keep forgetting my intentions for the next practice, I want to get into the habit of making a checklist to review before each next session.

Checklist for Tomorrow: