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2018.04.09 : daily climbing training log

Good Morning,

Happy Monday!

homewall: short aerobic workout.

So, if it isn’t already very obvious, I had a GREAT session this morning! First I warmed up by using the thera cane for about five minutes. Then I remembered to check my list from friday: you know, the list of intentions for the next training session. my list was 1) focus on breathing the whole session, 2) no foot slips, 3) double check entire setup before starting.

Well as you can see from the graph below, it worked sooooo well! First and most importantly: the entire session was above 10fpm. Sooo excited about that. after a whole week of getting slammed down to 8 or even 5 fpm, 10/11 fpm feels absolutely liberating. Yay.

Secondly: It’s true - zero foot slips! in my evolve addicts even. A couple times during the session, I felt my mind wander, but always I realized and brought it back.

Anyhow, I wanted to capture this moment: euphoria at what feels like progress.

Total elevation climbed this morning: 282.7 feet in 20 mins. I would just like to point out that this is just 4 feet lower than friday in which my heart rate monitor and spiked my heart rate up to 140…

again, so happy.

heartrate graph speed and incline graph

log file

AM squats: 3x10, 3 min rest between sets.

AM pull-ups: 3x5, 3 min rest between sets.

Checklist for Tomorrow:

To do: