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2018.05.04 : daily climbing training log


Today was my second session at “week 1” . I fell about ten seconds away from finishing the last rep… I want to get three clean sessions (no falls) in a row before progressing to the next “week”.

during the rests I get off the wall and just stand there whilst gasping.

Total elevation climbed: 169.0 feet in 20 mins. longest pitch: about 20.0 feet. (height climbed without resting).

heartrate graph speed and incline graph

log file

In terms of coding, I got up early and added duration to the logs. I also reworked the build system, reducing the entire project to a single Makefile. Also, there was this weird regression in Command.cpp where I feel I had written the code before but that just wasn’t the state of the code base according to git… Did I forget a checkin? I don’t know. Hmmm.