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2018.05.06 : daily climbing training log


Today was my third session at “week 1” . I fell a lot! both on rep 6/8 and rep 8/8.

Total elevation climbed: 170.1 feet in 20 mins. longest pitch: about 20.0 feet. (height climbed without resting).

heartrate graph speed and incline graph

log file

My technique was extreamly sloppy. I feel like I’m having trouble keeping up with the speed, and that causes me to bunch up and my center of mass moves away from the wall…

but what should I do about it?
maybe next time I can slow down from 22 to 18 fpm, until I’m a little more fit???

Also, I want to order another set of holds to remove the last bad one and fill out the gap where the start and finish meet. I do feel like that one bad hold is absolutely the crux for me.