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2018.05.15 : daily climbing training log


Good morning!

I had a mosty great session this morning.
I had a couple malfunctions, but they didn’t impact the workout. in one malfunction the climbing wall didn’t respond to the halt command during the rest set. So I had to hop off the wall and reset the kiosk_sim program. no biggie. Then at the start of the next set the wall went crazy and started crawling to 90 overhang. I had to hop off and power cycle the wall and reset the kiosk sim. Boooo!

Also, the loop condition at the end of the do while causes the climbing wall to crawl to 90 degrees overhang. hmmmm. I need to rework this loop so that it starts and terminates properly. Something like:

initial rest do { work set rest set increment all values (target rest hr, target work hr) } while

feeling a bit euphoric from the workout. runner’s high.

Total elevation climbed: about 303.4 feet in about 28 mins.

heartrate graph speed and incline graph

log file

Great day!