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2018.05.17 : daily climbing training log


Good morning!

Today I fixed the begin and end cases of anaerobic_tracker’s do {} while () loop.
I also dropped the number of reps from 8 to 7. I want to continually aim for a session length between 20 - 30 mins and reduce the number of sets. Ideally, this would mean longer work sets over time, and higher total elevation climbed.

Today’s set was really hard. I fell during the last rep, but imediately pulled back on. You can see where I fell in the HR data, it’s the small downward trend just near the end of the last set.

I’m looking forward to working through this set until I can get it clean regularly.

Also, I took some time this morning to review old logs. I see that I have doubled my elevation climbed per session since starting this round of training on 2018.05.02.
(About 2 weeks)

Total elevation climbed: about 342.037 feet in about 25 mins.

heartrate graph speed and incline graph

log file

Have a great day james.